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TCS Games, known as the Number 1 UK Bulk Trading Pokemon Card Company, is a reputable retailer specializing in various trading card games, with a particular focus on the popular franchise, Pokemon. Renowned for their exceptional bulk trading service, TCS Games provides customers with the opportunity to exchange their cards for sealed products.

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Customers who have engaged in TCS Games’ bulk trading service have expressed their satisfaction with the experience. The company’s commitment to clear and transparent communication ensures that the trading process is easily understood and followed. Prompt and responsive, TCS Games’ team, led by Ricky, swiftly addresses messages and inquiries, providing valuable assistance throughout the trading journey.

Timely product delivery is a key priority for TCS Games. Their efficient processing and shipping procedures guarantee that customers receive their orders promptly, fostering a positive buying experience. With a strong reputation and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, TCS Games has become a trusted destination for trading card enthusiasts and collectors.

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TCG Games has been conducting bulk trades for over 3 years now.

- First, ensure that your bulk items meet the specified requirements.
- Count your cards and calculate the total points using the provided calculator.
- Send the results to the business.
- You will receive an email where you can select the products you want in exchange for your points.
- The business will provide you with the necessary information to send your bulk items.
- Once your bulk arrives, it will be checked within 1-2 working days.
- Finally, your sealed products will be sent out to you.

- All items, including cards, coins, and tins, must be in NM/Mint pack fresh condition.
- Tins should have no dents, and cards should have no excessive whitening or damage.
- Cards must be in English and facing the same way (not upside down or back to front).
- Cards should be separated by their rarities, as indicated on the calculator.
- Any bulk items that do not meet these requirements will be returned to you at your own cost.

- Cards and items must be in English and in new condition.
- While it is not necessary to individually check thousands of cards, they should be examined similarly to the provided examples to ensure they are near mint.

- Once the trade has been agreed upon based on your calculator results, you will post the bulk to the business.
- Both parties are responsible for their own postage costs.
- It is recommended to use a courier service, such as, as it is often more cost-effective than visiting the post office.
- After your items arrive and are checked, the business will post your items to you.
- This is typically done within 1-2 working days, sometimes even on the same day if the parcel arrives before midday.

- To ensure safe transportation, it is advised to wrap cards in blocks of cling film (around 100-200 cards at a time) and place them in a padded cardboard box.
- The key is to prevent the cards from getting damaged during transit, so you can choose a suitable method as long as this goal is achieved.

- Cards should be separated by their rarities as indicated on the bulk trading calculator.
- They do not necessarily have to be organized by sets, although it can help save time.
- The suggested separations include Energies, Trainers, Commons/Uncommons (which can remain together), Rares, Reverse Holo C/U/T, and so on.

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