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The Sub Center (Formerly known as Dan’s Pokestop) is recognized as the leading middleman service in the UK, serving as the official dealer for esteemed grading services like PSA, Beckett, and CGC. Known for its meticulous approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, Dan’s Pokestop has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable destination for collectors.

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Ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail, The Sub Center addresses a common concern among customers regarding potential mix-ups of their cards. With a stringent organizational process in place, duplicates of the same card are carefully separated, eliminating any possibility of confusion. The team managed by Dan understands the importance of safeguarding each customer’s unique collection, guaranteeing that their precise cards are returned to them without any mix-ups.

By choosing The Sub Center, collectors gain access to numerous advantages. As the official UK dealer for leading grading brands such as PSA, Beckett, CGC, WATA, and CSG, customers can trust in the authenticity and credibility of the services offered. Backed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in collecting and providing exceptional customer service, The Sub Center ensures a smooth and reliable grading experience.

Valuing the significance of your collectibles, the team go that extra mile to protect them. With a comprehensive £1 million Goods In Trust holding Insurance, your prized possessions are fully insured throughout the entire grading process. The user log-in feature allows you to easily track the progress of your collectibles, providing peace of mind and transparency. Additionally, Dan’s boasts cutting-edge security systems, including live CCTV feeds and Euro Grade 6 Safes, ensuring the highest level of protection for your valuable items.

When it comes to submissions, The Sub Center prioritizes the safety and security of your collectibles. Each item is shipped in waterproof and tamper-sealed packaging, providing optimal protection during transit.

The Sub Center takes great pride in delivering exceptional grading services, placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and the secure handling of collectibles. For any inquiries or further assistance, please contact

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PSA's cost for autographed items and sporting cards can vary based on the signer. In the UK, Sub Centre offers a service where the cost of submission includes all shipping expenses. The submission cost will depend on the individual who has signed the item, as PSA's pricing per signature is variable.

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