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Heavenly Cases is dedicated to providing collectors with the ultimate protection and display options for their cherished cards and boxes. Through extensive testing, they have discovered a range of acrylic cases that offer unparalleled safeguarding for your valuable items. Their card cases feature four magnetic points to ensure secure placement and convenience. Additionally, they have incorporated two cutouts to perfectly fit the TCG card and a custom label, allowing you to both protect and showcase your cards for years to come.

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The acrylic used in Heavenly Cases is of the highest quality, sourced from overseas and manufactured to the most stringent standards. Made from virgin diamond acrylic, their cases provide excellent anti-UV filtering and are diamond polished for superior clarity. Moreover, Heavenly Cases prioritizes sustainability by utilizing materials that are 100% sustainable and free from harmful substances. They do not employ PVC or acidic solutions in their production process. To ensure optimal security, their cases are equipped with super strong N magnets.

The importance of protecting your prized cards and maintaining their pristine condition cannot be overstated. Heavenly Cases understands this and aims to preserve your cards in their original state, allowing their value to increase over time. By utilizing their cases, you can ensure that your cards remain in impeccable condition, enhancing their value and preserving their collectible status.

Heavenly Cases is a small team consisting of a passionate couple driven by a desire to assist others. They prioritize community support and strive to contribute to the trading card community in meaningful ways. Their vision for Heavenly Cases is to provide collectors with a sense of nostalgia and joy associated with collecting TCG products. They have meticulously designed exclusive card cases that not only protect your cards but also allow you to enhance your collection as it grows.

To further enhance the display of your cards, Heavenly Cases has created an exclusive label that replicates the characteristics of each card. This label is available at no additional cost, as they firmly believe that all collectors deserve to showcase their cards in the best possible manner. By choosing Heavenly Cases, you can elevate the presentation of your collection and experience the satisfaction of displaying your cards with pride.

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