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Geek-Aboo, based in Glasgow, Scotland, is a thriving independent pop culture store that caters to enthusiasts of various genres. With a diverse range of products, they offer an extensive selection of items from beloved film, TV, and gaming franchises. From action figures and collectibles to the latest releases in tabletop gaming, Geek-Aboo is a haven for fans seeking to explore their favorite geeky interests.

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Established in June 2013, Geek-Aboo has become Glasgow’s go-to destination for all things comics, figures, toys, gifts, and games. Their comprehensive inventory caters to geeks of all levels, catering to both casual enthusiasts and hardcore collectors alike. Whether it’s comics, gaming, LARP gear, rare collectibles, movie merchandise, replicas, anime and manga, or the iconic Marvel and DC Comics, Geek-Aboo offers a treasure trove of delights to satisfy every geeky passion.

In addition to their retail offerings, Geek-Aboo also hosts engaging events such as Magic: The Gathering tournaments, providing a dynamic and interactive space for the local gaming community to come together. By fostering a sense of community and offering a diverse range of products and experiences, Geek-Aboo has solidified its position as Glasgow’s premier independent geek shop, delighting fans and enthusiasts from near and far.

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