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Located in the heart of Norwich’s historic Lanes, Athena Games is a cherished independent gaming store run by a passionate family team. With a mission to make gaming accessible to all, regardless of experience or expertise, Athena Games welcomes both newcomers and seasoned veterans with open arms and expert guidance.

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No matter what your gaming preferences are, Athena Games has you covered. Looking for a new board game for a cozy family night? Seeking advice and supplies for painting intricate miniatures? Eager to unravel the complex rules of Magic: The Gathering? Look no further than Athena Games.

Beyond an extensive selection of games, kits, and supplies, Athena Games proudly boasts one of the largest gaming spaces in the East of England. Whether you want to book a table for a friendly battle with friends or participate in thrilling scheduled events throughout the year, Athena Games provides a welcoming environment where Olympian levels of fun await.

So why the name “Athena Games”? It’s an homage to the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy. Just like Athena, the store is committed to growth, adaptability, and community support.

Speaking of community, fostering a strong and vibrant gaming community is at the core of Athena Games’ values. Constantly seeking new ways to enhance your gaming experiences, the store keeps you informed with the latest news, blog posts, and exciting special offers.

Whether your gaming adventures take you to the world of Pokémon, the planes of Magic: The Gathering, the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, or the far reaches of a galaxy far, far away, Athena Games is your trusted companion.

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