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Ark Grading is a UK-based middleman service for PSA, run by collectors, for collectors. As collectors themselves, they understand the importance of preserving and grading cards to maintain their value. If you need more information, simply send them a message, and they will be happy to assist you.

In exciting news, Ark Grading is proud to announce that they have become an official PSA dealer after months of hard work and dedication. Their extensive background checks and dealership agreement with PSA provide customers with increased security and peace of mind. As an official dealer, Ark Grading pays PSA upfront for all submissions and provides detailed information about each submitter, including their names, addresses, contact details, and a comprehensive list of the submitted cards. This commitment to transparency and accountability ensures a reliable and trustworthy grading experience.

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The support of their customers is invaluable to Ark Grading, and they express their gratitude for the trust placed in their services. They are committed to delivering the best possible service and continually reinvesting in the company to enhance the submission experience. Exciting new developments are in the works, and they are dedicated to providing an easy and seamless process for all collectors.

With nearly two years of experience, Ark Grading takes pride in their accomplishments. They acknowledge that none of it would have been possible without the support of their wonderful submitters. They extend a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to their journey and helped them reach this stage of success.

In addition, Ark Grading is now on WhatNot, where they will be hosting breaks and sales. They have exciting events lined up, including a Triplet Beat session with discounted grading available for the biggest hits. They will also feature Scarlet & Violet on release day and run auctions for singles and slabs in the future. Make sure to follow them on WhatNot and bookmark their streams to stay updated on their latest offerings.

To further enhance the protection of your valuable cards, Ark Grading has partnered with Mint Keeper, one of the UK’s leading card protection specialists. They highly recommend Mint Keeper’s Semi-Rigid Card Savers to provide the best possible protection for your submissions. By using the code “ARKGRADING,” you can enjoy a 10% discount on these high-quality card savers, which already offer great value for money.

Ark Grading’s dedication to providing exceptional service, their official PSA dealer status, and their partnerships with industry-leading platforms and specialists make them a reliable choice for collectors looking to grade and protect their valuable cards. Place your trust in Ark Grading to receive a professional and secure grading experience.

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