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Ace Grading is dedicated to providing collectors with a modern, consistent, and transparent card grading experience. They firmly believe that trading card grading is evolving and strive to push the boundaries of the industry.

While the authentication and grading process is vital, Ace Grading goes above and beyond to ensure that every graded card is treated as a prized possession. They have designed custom plastic casings and labels that not only offer optimal protection but also showcase the encased card as a true trophy piece. With their clear and rigid cases, collectors can proudly display their graded cards.

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In recent times, the card grading and high-end collectibles industry has experienced tremendous growth. Unfortunately, the surge in demand has resulted in some companies struggling to maintain quality and timely service. Ace Grading has implemented an allocation system to address this issue.

Their workflow and estimated turnaround times are continually evaluated to ensure they can effectively manage each service level. When the capacity for a specific service level is reached, it will be temporarily closed. As Ace Grading clears the backlog and additional capacity becomes available, the service level will be reopened. This process is automated within their system, allowing for quick reopening once capacity allows. So, even if a service level is temporarily closed, it may only take a couple of hours for it to be available again.

At present, Ace Grading and its support team exclusively operate through their ticketing system. While they do not offer live chat or a phone line, their ticketing system ensures efficient and effective communication. It’s important to note that support questions sent through social media messages are not monitored, so utilizing the ticketing system is the recommended method for obtaining support.

Choose Ace Grading for a card grading experience that combines innovation, transparency, and a commitment to protecting and showcasing your treasured collectibles.

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